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About DJ Hunts

From the Oceanside coastline in sunny San Diego to clubs all over the place. My life as a DJ came from a love for music and dance. I just like to see people happy, so naturally I gravitated a career in music. After college I jumped head first into different gigs but like the rest of the world somewhere around the end of stopped. There wasn't anyone dancing or laughing. I could see emotions of fear and depression taking over. So I turned on my camera and started recording. The goal was to bring back smiles and happiness to people. What happened next was completely unexpected. The videos I was making were catching a little attention. Here I am on lockdown recording skits, overdubbing famous comedians/shows and next thing you know people are sending comments, messages, and shares from all over the world. My videos are going viral and people are laughing again. I know it's not a big deal but to me it is my part in bringing people happiness. We all come from different backgrounds but one thing we can agree on is humor is medicine.  


                                May you smile more,

                                           Dj Hunts

"Dj'ing is a different way I can make
people happy. Music and Humor are the real medicine"
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